Are you confused by health and safety or concerned that you might be losing out on work opportunities? If so, it’s time to stop worrying and see how simple it can be to get it right.

Our membership service is exactly what you need to comply with the law and move your business forward. HCS Safety Membership Service gives you access to your very own safety department and everything your company needs to be organised, supported, up to date and competent. We can even help your company to gain an SSIP safety accreditation from CHAS, exor, NHBC Safemark, SMAS and many others.

For more information of the services we provide to our member clients, download our member services booklet

Our Membership Service includes ALL of the benefits below, from as little as £1,350 per year

Easy to use H&S Management System

Your Safety Management System brings together everything you need to manage your organisation’s health and safety obligations. It is based on the HSE’s guidance on managing safety and includes all you need to look after your workforce.

We will provide you with our unique, easy to understand system that covers:

  • Your relationship with us
  • Your policy
  • Your workforce
  • Working safely
  • Monitoring

All of our blank forms are coded to fit in your Safety Management System folder, so the system could not be easier to use.

Updated company policy

It is a legal requirement that your health and safety policy is kept up to date. We aim to provide your company with a safety policy that is concise, relevant and accurate.

We will review your policy for you every year, to incorporate changes in legislation that affect you, whilst altering other aspects of your safety arrangements if necessary. We guarantee that we will do this within one month of our annual review meeting.

We will also ensure that you have documentation in place to assist you with health surveillance, workplace monitoring, work equipment inspections, workforce consultation and other issues required by health and safety legislation.

Web access to the documents you need

Your unique login and password will give you members only access to all of the documents you need to populate your Safety Management System. These are colour coded to fit in your folder, making your health and safety record keeping incredibly simple and easy to maintain.

With your member login, you also get exclusive access to:

  • Constantly updated risk and COSHH assessments
  • CVs, certification and newsletters
  • Guidance from the HSE

Finally, we like to support our member clients’, rewarding their loyalty by promoting their company on our own website.

Once you become a member, we can add a link to your website from ours and display your company logo on our special Member Clients page.

This is just another great benefit of being a member client, as it also shows that we support you in achieving health and safety excellence, which is a great selling tool when tendering for new contracts.

Annual Review Meeting with your own advisor

We feel strongly that in order to provide the best possible service, we must have regular face-to-face contact with our member clients.

We will arrange an annual meeting, either at your premises or ours, in order to discuss:

  • Updates needed to your policy
  • Your company’s current safety standards and legal compliance
  • Your training needs
  • Your aims and objectives for the following year
  • Accidents/incidents that may have occurred
  • New technology and ideas that are relevant to your business
  • Any documentation that may be needed
  • Any concerns you have about health and safety

Following the meeting, we will provide you with a straightforward appraisal of your needs and an action plan for the coming year.

Telephone advice for day-to-day queries

If you or an employee has a safety query, just call us at the office for instant access to expert advice.

If we can answer your query straight away, then of course we will, otherwise we will endeavour to research until we find an answer for you.

We state in your policy that all employees have access to this service and actively encourage our member clients to distribute our phone number to all of their site staff.

Think of us as your health and safety hotline for practical advice and expertise.

Accident Investigation

Investigating accidents and near misses in order to prevent recurrences is an essential part of safety management.

In the event of an accident or incident, it is important to establish why it happened and to see what can be learnt to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

We act as your very own on-call Accident Investigation service – the first point of contact to ensure you meet best practice standards and comply with legislative requirements when dealing with an accident.

Following a visit to the scene of the accident, we will carry out interviews with the witnesses and injured parties (as appropriate), and produce an independent report with recommendations for you.

We work with you closely from the start, ensuring our investigation is as effective as possible from the outset. A critical aspect of all accident investigations is to leave things as they are following the accident – whilst informing us immediately so we can get to the site as soon as possible.

If an accident needs to be reported to the HSE, we can help with that too, guiding you through the process and ensuring that any reportable accident is dealt with in the most efficient manner possible.

Monthly newsletter

Health and safety moves fast, so our monthly newsletter will ensure you stay up to date with the latest news.

We provide up to the minute information from the HSE, SHP (IOSH Magazine), Construction News and others, as well as sharing our opinions on what we have seen, heard or experienced.

The newsletter is also an opportunity for us to share news about upcoming events at HCS Safety, including free advisory workshops.

We will email the newsletter directly to you and if you would like a few copies to send out to your employees, just give us a call and we will send them through in the post.

Annual Safety Forum

Together, our member clients represent a large number of organisations and thousands of workers. It is important that we use our voice to talk to the HSE and other policy makers. This is why on an annual basis we arrange a get together for all of our members.

We ask that a representative from each company attend the forum, as this is a valuable opportunity for us to talk to everyone at once, whilst giving you the chance to meet and talk to other members on issues that affect you.

The forum usually lasts for a couple of hours and will include the following:

  • Law update
  • Annual review of health and safety among the members
  • Round table discussion on issues that you have raised
  • Address from the HSE (subject to confirmation)

Workshops on important issues

As a member client, you are welcome to attend as many of our free training workshops as you like. These will usually last for 1-2 hours, which minimises disruption to your working day and enables as many people as possible to benefit.

Workshops will be on specific subject areas that are important to our clients and popular sessions can be repeated if requested.

Past sessions have included:

  • Worker Engagement
  • Directors’ Duties
  • Silica and Fit Testing
  • Occupational Health

Ideas for workshops are always welcome and we can arrange for small group discussions as well as larger sessions to take place at our venue in Southampton.

Assistance with your accreditations

Clients and principal contractors increasingly require the companies they work with to possess safety accreditations.

Being accredited improves your standing when tendering for work, as it is an excellent indication of health and safety competence.

One of the many benefits of being a member client is the consultation and advice you receive from us. This is why when you decide to take the first step to gain an accreditation, or if it’s time to renew, you can rely on us to guide you through your application, with minimum fuss – simply give us a call!

Your Safety Management System and policy are designed around the requirements of SSIP accrediting bodies. Providing that you are using your management system to the full, gaining an accreditation should be simple.

Training matrix

It is important to keep records of the training that you have carried out for your organisation, in order to catalogue improvements and monitor progress.

Managing this efficiently will also ensure that you are not wasting money by letting training expire and that none of your employees get overlooked for training that would be of benefit to them.

We can help you to create a training matrix, which will identify who needs to do what, and when it needs renewing, giving you the confidence to know that you are complying with your legal duties.

Training discounts

As a member client, you are entitled to a 15% discount on all of our training courses. We believe that we offer the best health and safety training around, having invested in our facilities, teacher training methods and presentations year on year.

We are accredited to run CITB Site Safety Plus, NEBOSH Certificate qualifications and UKATA approved Asbestos Awareness courses and are constantly improving the scope of training we can offer.

We can also offer training in other specialist areas such as environmental awareness, manual handling, fire wardens, abrasive wheel safety and many more.

For more information on course content, simply hover over ‘Training’ from the main menu and select the course you’re interested in.

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