Health and safety training for your employees, and the knowledge they gain from the training, can benefit your company in several different ways. From financial benefits to personnel and morale improvements. Listed below are just a few of the ways in which training your employees in health and safety can help you as employers.

1. Firstly financially, accidents can be expensive. This could be fines, legal fees, compensation pay-outs or statutory sick pay. Not only will having a well-trained workforce, with a clear understanding of how to work safely with regards to their own, and those around them, safety reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring and enduring the above financial costs. The fact that the staff are trained, could also work in your defence, should any accident lead to a court case.

2. Reducing the likelihood of accidents by training your employees to work safely can also have a big effect on staff turnover. If you can reduce employee absences due to work related accidents or illness, then you will save the cost and time in recruitment replacement or cover staff members. Not only this, but if an existing staff member feels safe then they are less likely to want to move on and find somewhere else to work.

3. Staff morale is a key issue for any business. You want your employees to feel happy and actually want to work for you. Creating a work environment where everyone is able to play an active role in health and safety is known to have far fewer accidents. Providing members of staff with health and safety training demonstrates to them that take bother their safety and well being seriously. Knowing that they are working somewhere safe will make them happier as they’re not worried about what could go wrong.

4. Health and safety training can also help you with building a positive reputation with not only your employees, but also your clients. Providing the correct training and investing money into doing so, shows that your care about your business and your staff. This will help your brand and could even swing potential deals in your favour, if clients feel they won’t need to worry about any accidents going forward.

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