While we have been dreaming of football coming home, over on the other side of the world, some incredible people have shown us what can be achieved when we are called upon to operate at the very peak of our abilities. The Thai footballers were saved, successfully in a daring, and doubtless terrifying cave rescue operation. They really did come home.

So, when does stress cross the line between the good stuff that brings out the best in us to the negative pressure that causes short and long-term damage to individuals and businesses? And how, as employers and managers do we prevent and manage this part of our legal duty to ensure the health (both physical and mental) of our employees?

Stress at work and the mental health issues that surround it are so often seen a mystery area, a dark art or a hazy zone of guess work and speculation – but it does not need to be this way. There is good, solid guidance out there that will show us how to deal with the difficulties that we face, and to help us place ourselves and those we manage on the right place on the Yerkes Dodson stress/performance curve (yes – this is where research and science meets proper management standards).

To find out more about the relationship between stress and performance, and to find out exactly what the law requires us to do, we need to get educated. The knowledge is out there and its simpler than you might think.

HCS Safety’s new training course – Mental Health Awareness – Preventing and Managing Occupational Stress will help you to do just that. You can book onto a course at our Southampton training centre, or we can provide training and guidance in your own workplace anywhere in the UK.

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