As the sun takes a break at the same time as many of us, I find myself feeling as reflective as the puddles outside.
The last few months have been tumultuous but rewarding for us here at HCS Safety.

We have launched a new bespoke internal work management system – mercifully we call it JARVIS for short, I can only fit so many syllables into a day.
Having such a diverse workforce means that change will be met and adopted differently but as we all learn how to work with the new system it is already having its desired effect in terms of looking after our customers in a better way.

There have also been changes in personnel; a new Operations Manager has joined our project as well as a new Consultant Support Specialist. The injection of energy has been well timed as we transition onto JARVIS. Planning our work more efficiently is already leading to more opportunities to develop our team.

Change is constant and as our company continues along its journey it is a good feeling to know that as a unit we can all deal with changeable conditions, and I’m not just talking about the weather.


Zoë Drew


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