Do you remember your first crush?

Did you ever pluck up the courage to ask them out on a date?

The anticipation, the waiting, it may have taken hours, days, weeks or even months to pluck up the courage to approach them. The heart pumping, that nervous shuffling, the dry mouth and wringing hands all demonstrating that you were entering a stressful situation and exposing yourself to that fear of rejection.

Who do people in your organisation approach if they are struggling with their mental health? The feelings that they encounter may be exactly the same as the feelings described above, in short – Stress! If a colleague or employee comes to talk to you about their mental health, listen to them, offer support, please don’t shut them out! For further information on how HCS Safety can help you with your well-being strategy, follow our Linkedin page  or take a look at our Mental Health Awareness- Preventing and Managing Occupational Stress course.

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