A 78-year-old woman has sustained life changing injuries after she was dragged into a tunnel by a London Underground train.

Her bag  became trapped in a Tube door at Notting Hill Gate station in London on January 31st, and despite receiving help from other passengers, she could not get free.

Passengers who saw the woman in distress activated emergency alarms on the Central line train, and the driver applied the brakes; but six of the eight carriages were already in the tunnel by the time the train came to a full stop.

Shabana Khan, who witnessed what happened, tweeted: ‘Horrified right now, woman has fallen under our train carriage at Notting Hill Gate station. ‘Heard the thud as the train moved we’re all in tears thinking she’s died under our feet. ‘But she’s alive and stuck under the train yelling help. We’ve been evacuated out of the train.’

Emergency services and London Underground’s emergency response unit rescued the woman from the space between the underside of the train and the tunnel wall by safely derailing the train to release the woman from underneath the carriage. She is still recovering in hospital.

British Transport Police at the time confirmed the incident was not being treated as suspicious.

The process of checking whether it is safe for a train to depart and the door’s obstacle detection system will also be considered during the inquiry as well as consideration of:

  • the actions of the people involved
  • the process of checking whether it is safe for a train to depart, including the equipment provided to enable the train operator to do this
  • the door control and obstacle detection system
  • the factors affecting the train operator’s task
  • any underlying management factors

In a statement, Nigel Holness, Network Operations Director for London Underground, said: “Our thoughts are with the woman injured in the incident at Notting Hill Gate.

“The safety of our customers and staff is our top priority , and we will co-operate fully with the RAIB and implement any recommendations that come from their investigation or from our own internal investigation.”

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