With the regular changes in Employment Law and the removal of Tribunal Fees no longer an obstacle for employees to bring a claim against an employer, there has never been a better time to protect your business.  If you struggle to find the time to stay up to date with Employment Law and make the necessary changes to your staff handbooks and employment contracts, if your managers aren’t trained or confident in how to deal with issues when they arise, or you’re unsure where to turn and are concerned about the cost of legal advice, then Warner Goodman’s Peace of Mind could be the answer you are looking for.


About Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind offers employers everything you need to ensure you are compliant with Employment Law and to reduce the risk of having claims brought against you from current and potential employees.  The three main benefits of Peace of Mind include:

  1. Documentation audit – as a new member, your current staff handbook and employment contracts are reviewed, if you have them in place. If none are in place, these are created, and any clauses that are incorrect or missing from existing documentation are amended.
  2. Unlimited advice from a designated Solicitor – all members are allocated a dedicated Solicitor from the Peace of Mind team. You have unlimited access to the team during your year, either over the telephone, email or face to face meetings.
  3. Access to training – two training sessions are hosted each year for members to attend, during which we will present on claims avoidance and discuss Tribunal cases from the last six months.


As well as these three main benefits, Peace of Mind members also receive:

  • An annual review of your documents.
  • Regular updates on changes to the law through email newsletters and other seminars and masterclasses.
  • Online Members area with access to Briefing Notes, Template Letters and Checklists.
  • Free initial advice from our other Commercial Services Solicitors.
  • Discounts for your employees across our Private Client, Family, Residential Conveyancing and Personal Injury departments.


Additional benefits under Peace of Mind

In addition to Peace of Mind, we can also offer the following services either in-house or through our relationships with other providers:

  • HR support for conducting meetings, preparation of minutes and notes from meetings, including for disciplinaries, grievances etc.
  • Bespoke Employment Law training.
  • Employment Tribunal insurance.
  • Immigration advice.


Why join Peace of Mind?

There are several reasons why employers of any size should consider joining Peace of Mind:

  • With access to unlimited advice, you know you can contact the team without worrying about it running up a large legal bill. You are in control of the finances as Peace of Mind is a fixed price for the year, meaning you can also budget accordingly.
  • You can rest assured that your legal documents are compliant and reliable in any situation.
  • You will have policies in place that you can follow that are legally compliant.
  • Having a designated Solicitor allocated to you, you can rest assured that the person you speak to will know you, know your business and know the history to any problems. Our four Solicitors are part of a wider team of 13 people who can assist if your dedicated Solicitor is not available.
  • You will be kept up to date with the regular changes that happen in Employment Law, with tailored advice about implementing any changes needed in your own business.


“We find that businesses with no HR team in place will naturally want to focus on running their business and will not have time to manage HR as well, until it’s too late and an issue arises and there are no policies or employment contracts in place to fall back on,” comments Sarah Whitemore, Employment Partner.  “That is one reason why we created Peace of Mind; to offer a one stop shop for employers to offer them the support that they need so they can focus on their business.”


To find out more about how your business can benefit from Peace of Mind, you can contact Martin Giles on 07973 654447 or email martingiles@warnergoodman.co.uk to discuss your business needs and how Peace of Mind could help you.  Alternatively, you can visit Warner Goodman’s website to find out more.

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