Deciding the training requirements for your staff can be a tricky proposition. The best way is usually to get organised at the start of the process. This will allow you to make smart decisions on training levels, courses required, when they will need to be done by and how to plan for the future.

For this reason most companies will run a version of a ‘training matrix’. This permits directors and managers to sit down, look at what the business needs, the skills it already has and what more may need to be done to bridge the gap.

The law requires that all staff are competent to carry out their work safely. So by identifying the tasks that staff are required to carry out, and the risks they are likely to face you will be able to work through the most important to both give them the practical skills to prevent harm to themselves and others and discharge the companies duty to ensure competence. Once you have your matrix in place why don’t you visit us and see how we can help:

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