Who is your first port of call for first aid training? There are a few big names that come to mind when we think of first aid training, but did you know that some of these organisations and charities are not regulated or monitored?


As an employer you have a responsibility to your employees to ensure that if they are taken ill or have an accident at work they receive immediate attention. To do this effectively you must have the right First Aid equipment, facilities and most importantly trained people available.
A First Aid needs risk assessment will help you to determine the number of trained employees you require and what level of training they need to complete, whether that is an Emergency First Aid 1-day course or the full First Aid at Work 3-day course.
It may surprise you to know that some of the biggest training providers in the UK that offer these courses are not monitored or regulated in any way. What this means is that they do not have to comply with current standards and guidelines that are recognised nationally and internationally. Unregulated trainers may not be up-to date with the latest techniques, information, and guidelines, and therefore may not deliver the same quality product as a regulated trainer who is monitored and assessed by a nationally recognised awarding body, such as OFQUAL.


By selecting a non-regulated training provider, you must check through your due diligence that the training provided complies with the currently accepted guidelines for first aid practice. This can be an arduous task as involves a lot of research on your part, and the consequences fall back on you if the training delivered is not up to the required standard. With regulated trainers, you know that the training meets the required standard so there is no responsibility on you to assess this yourself – you can trust the trainer!


Here at HCS we deliver regulated First Aid training that is monitored and assessed by the awarding organisation OFQUAL, giving you the confidence that the training we provide follows and complies with current guidance and legislation. Our trained staff are audited annually by an external auditor to check the quality and compliance of our course, which is in turn reviewed by the accrediting body. This helps ensure consistency and quality on every course.

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