By Zoe Drew, Director, HCS Safety

Classroom of course – end of blog.

Only kidding…I’m going to have to flesh out this argument just a bit.

At HCS Safety, some of the subject matter we teach is quite challenging. There might be a bit of law, some chemistry, biology or some practical elements to digest; even a touch of psychology and sociology now and again. A lot of these concepts are the sort where you need to check you’ve understood something, hear real life examples from other people and bounce ideas off classmates and your tutor in order to make sure you’ve really understood something.

There’s something truly satisfying about being in a group of people and all “getting it” when you’ve learned something really new. It’s quite a buzz, and in the world of online isolation, it doesn’t happen all that often. These are fulfilling and empowering moments to value and cherish.

Undertaking a NEBOSH Diploma is a big deal – this is a degree level qualification and you’re going to get it in ONE YEAR, probably while you are working. Being in a separate place of learning is essential. Your mind knows it’s a college day, your family and colleagues also know and they are important to your exam success. You will also be in a group of people who are up against the same challenges as you – and you’ll have actually met them in the flesh. These people will be your support network and may be your friends too soon – nothing creates bonds like being up against a challenge together.

So, if you want to check that you’ve got your times tables correct, maybe online is ok, but when there’s a concept any more complex that that, I’d head for the classroom in a heartbeat.

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